This Washing Machine SUCKS.. (All About The IFB Washing Machine)

In this video I talk about the unfriendly practices of IFB that should be a matter of concern to anyone who is contemplating on dealing with this brand. I bought a washing machine from this brand in the year 2007 and the ordeal I had to face in order to get my machine repaired or serviced led me to share with you the pain through this video. I have since ditched this front load washing machine from IFB and have moved on to a Top Loader. 
In the video, I list out all the expenses we had to incur to try and keep the machine afloat but to no avail. Here are all the bills/ receipts that prove my point. You may click on the Images for a larger view. 

[Sold by IFB Franchisees] 

[Sold by IFB Franchisees] 

Problems with the Drum of the IFB Washing Machine

The Table Top needed to be replaced as the particle wood that it is made of began to disintegrate. The IFB Franchisees expect you to pay for Transporting the machine back and forth as mentioned in the Annual Maintenance Contract.  There is no fixed fee for this charge. 

Once again, the machine had to be transported back and forth to the IFB Service center. 

We had to replace the Table Top again because the older one was disintegrating. It's not entirely water proof. 

Every time a service engineer from IFB visits you, he is trained to sell you accessories that are supposed to enhance the life of the washing machine. In this case, he sold a member of our household a pack of Protecta - A powder that helps in removing the saline scales in the washing machine. Not a big fan of this operation. 

The Plastic Door Handle on our IFB Washing Machine broke due to regular use. But these kind of plastic parts are not covered by the AMC even if you paid for a Rubber and Plastic parts Cover.  What can I say?

Acid Cleaning of the IFB Washing Machine + Transport Charges to fix the drum that keeps dropping on a regular basis now.

The machine again makes a trip to the service center and we pay for its journey. We are used to this now!

The machine keeps on being problematic and we keep sending it to the service center. Once the machine leaves your home, it takes about a week or two for the machine to be returned back. No guarantee is provided on the safety of parts in the washing machine.

The washing machine needed a stand to sit on and it is an added expense. 

The service engineer from IFB keeps trying to sell you accessories like filters, high low cut out adapters in the guise of helping you to extend the life of the Washing Machine & IFB Microwave oven. 

The manual of the Washing Machine. Not very helpful at all. 

Warranty Card of the Accessories that were purchased during the time of owning the IFB Washing Machine. 

Every time the service engineer is called, he demands that you keep a photocopy of the AMC ready with you. Now, if you have senior citizens at your place who will be at home to allow the engineer to work on the machine, the task of getting a photocopy is now going to be an additional burden on them. IFB does not maintain a centralized database of its customers! 

Other concerns with IFB - 

When the AMC is about to expire, you get a barrage of calls from almost every IFB Franchisee in your STATE and sometimes even the rest of the country because all of them are hoping for you to extend your contract for a commission that is given to those who gets the customer to succumb to buy an AMC first.

IFB does not maintain a centralized database of its customers [New or Old], so even if you purchase an AMC, you are bound to get calls from these franchisees in the hope of getting a new customer as they do not know that you already got your AMC extended. You simply have to deal with the spam callers.

In my case, the name of the owner of the machine was printed wrongly, I tried to correct it once and because IFB does not have a centralized database, the calls I get from IFB refers to me by the wrong name. I had to give up on correcting these callers and stuck to the wrong name.

Now, I have redeemed myself from this nonsense from IFB by disposing off the machine and buying a new Top Loader to wash our clothes.  No more IFB for me!

The last thing I did before cutting off all ties with IFB is demand that the cheque used to make a payment for a 2- year AMC be returned back to me. Prior to that, the engineer also installed a rubber belt in the machine and we had to pay for it because our machine was not covered by AMC as the due date had passed. Soon after that the machine started to malfunction again. I called for service but I was told that there was a 45- Day period after the payment of AMC for me to actually benefit from the AMC itself. I got my cheque back and the rubber belt was returned to IFB and we breathed a sigh of relief! I did waste a lot of my productive time writing/ complaining to the headquarters of IFB in Goa to get my money back.

Should you get an IFB appliance? -

Well, it depends on how IFB is dealing with its customers now. I haven't seen much improvement in their services and on the other hand their dissatisfied customers haven't become any less in numbers either. If you have a decent IFB service center near you which has the parts for the appliance in stock, then you should expect the appliance to be fixed when something goes wrong within a reasonable time frame. Otherwise, you are in for ride.

After my experience, I plan to stay away from anything IFB!