This Washing Machine SUCKS.. (All About The IFB Washing Machine)

  In this video I talk about the unfriendly practices of IFB that should be a matter of concern to anyone who is contemplating on dealing with this brand. I bought a washing machine from this brand in the year 2007 and the ordeal I had to face in order to get my machine repaired or serviced led me to share with you the pain through this video. I have since ditched this front load washing machine from IFB and have moved on to a Top Loader.  In the video, I list out all the expenses we had to incur to try and keep the machine afloat but to no avail. Here are all the bills/ receipts that prove my point. You may click on the Images for a larger view.  ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS  [Sold by IFB Franchisees]  ACCESSORIES [Sold by IFB Franchisees]  Problems with the Drum of the IFB Washing Machine The Table Top needed to be replaced as the particle wood that

Let's Talk! - Voting, Encroachment by the Chief Minister & other issues!

Let's TALK - Comment here! The topics I cover in this video are - * My right to VOTE in the Assembly elections in the state of Telangana was taken away from me as my name was deleted from the list of Voters. There was only an apology from the Election Commissioner but that isn't helpful. * I realize that voting is not how you bring change but it is only when you interact with your legislator irrespective of you voting for him/ her or not yet demand that the funds for your constituency be spent wisely. * The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Telangana, Mr. K Chandrashekar Rao willingly discriminates among the citizens of his state in many ways but I point out how the fence/ barricade built by him around his office obstructs traffic during peak hours and blatantly exposes pedestrians to moving traffic as the fence also prevents citizens from using the footpath which rightfully belongs to us. The cops posted to guard his palatial bungalow shoo away the citizens who would lik


Looks like I am not the only one who is waiting to hear back from regarding my complaint about the faulty Action Camera [Hawkeye FireFly 8SE] that I purchased from them. This space will be updated as soon as I receive a word from them.  UPDATE [25th September 2018] - Gearbest gave me 3 outrageous options neither of which will reduce the monetary burden on me as a customer. They also told me to go over their T&C's and also directed me to their Warranty Policy page. I have to now ship this faulty camera back to them at my expense and hope for a meager refund which will be a sum after bank charges and Shipping costs. I shall elaborate more on this later. You will also be able to access another article where I tell my Indian viewers the risks associated with making a purchase of over INR 2000 on gearbest. If the product turns out to be faulty, you will have wished that you never fell for their marketing gimmicks like 'flash sales'. For now, stay away from a